Ira Glass - Host of This American Life
Ira Flatow - Host of Science Friday
Terry Gross - Hostess of Fresh Air
Diane Rehm - Hostess of The Diane Rehm Show
Peter Sagal - Host of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
Carl Castle - Announcer on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
Michael Feldman - Host of Whad'Ya Know?
Jim Packard - Announcer on Whad'Ya Know?
Garrison Keillor - Host of A Prairie Home Companion
Carroll O'Connor - Archie Bunker in All in the Family
Jean Stapleton - Edith Bunker in All in the Family
Sally Struthers - Gloria Bunker in All in the Family
Rob Reiner - Michael Meathead in All in the Family
Rachel Maddow - Host of The Rachel Maddow Show
Lawrence O'Donnell - Host of The Last Word
Emily Stark - Former wife of Matt Sherman
John Hollatz - Owner of Schmidt's Meats and Catering Company
Simon Leis - Hamilton County Sheriff
Kevin Kettering - Former veterinarian at VCA College Hill Veterinary Clinic
Bob French - Late Finneytown resident
Grant Wiseman - Sue's classmate
Michelle Bender - Sue's friend
Marc Alverson - Former ESD employee and Kurt's neighbor
Mike McAlmont - Brother of Roger Baldwin's former wife
Roger Baldwin - Friend and fellow golfer
John DiMauro - Friend and fellow golfer
Scott Butler - Employee of Schneller Plumbing
Danielle Wulf - Former ESD employee
Bob Puckett - Former ESD boss
Amanda Borden - Olympic gymnast
Lexie Langner - Becca/Hannah's Cousin
Carol Danco - Former neighbor on Cavalier Drive
Carol Blair (Brockhoff) - ADPi friend
Sophie Upson - Finneytoen Neighbor
Slatt's - Favorite eating place
Grooms Road - Crosley Field scoreboard in Blue Ash
Starbucks - Coffee shop
Socialville-Foster - Road out by Sue's
Grand Finale - Glendale restaurant
Western Row - Road out by Sue's
Irwin Simpson - Road out by Sue's
Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home
Mount Vernon - George Washington's home
Mount Rushmore - Granite sculpture in South Dakota of four presidents
Janet Stroud - Janet Fenner's maiden name
Dabney Hall - Becca's UC dorm
Heather - Kurt's girl friend
Sitwell's - Clifton Coffee House
AstroMet - Jo's old workplace
Frank Fontana - Murphy Brown's best friend
Cracker Barrel - Old time restaurant
Brandy Chase - Sue's old residence in Anderson
Charlie Begley - Milacron boss
Courtney Bythewood - State Farm agent
Bill Wachs - Milacron boss
Beth Brooks - State Farm agent
Candice Bergen - Murphy Brown
Edgar Bergen - Father of Candice
Charlie McCarthy - Edgar Bergen character
Mortimer Snerd - Edgar Bergen character
Howard Jones - Bendix boss
Hyman Rickover - US Navy Admiral
By Golly's - Milford restaurant
Cooper Judy - Myrtle Beach golf partner
Grant and Hayden - Mike Parker's sons
Sturkey's - Restaurant in Wyoming
Dick Haberstroh - Former Neighbor
Keeps - Hair loss fixer