I have created a Windows app which simplifies the process of using the"thumbnail technique"
which allows a web surfer to click on any of many small pictures displayed on a web page and have
the selected picture displayed in full page view.

In order to use this app, "CreateHTML.exe", the following should be accomplished:

1. Create a folder on your hard drive with the name of the thumbnail project that you are creating,
eg. Greeting Cards. Copy the file CreateHTML.exe into the folder just created
2. Copy all the jpg files that you want to 'thumbnail to' into the folder just created
3. Create a jpg file with thumbnail pictures of all the jpg files that you want to 'thumbnail to' and save
it to the folder just created no spaces , eg. GreetingCards.jpg

4. Create a file with the name of the thumbnail project that you are creating with an extension of txt no spaces,
eg. GreetingCards.txt. Each line of this file should consist of each of the names and the x and y co-ordinates
of the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the jpg files that exist on the jpg file created in step 3, above.

The format of each line is

root name of jpg file tab x-topleft comma y-topleft comma x-bottomright comma y-bottom right.

The text file for the Greeting Cards, shown above, is
XmasCardMRA3 215,188,312,251
XmasCardMRA2 341,188,434,251
XmasCardMRA4 466,188,561,251
XmasCardMRA1 602,162,670,251
XmascardFireman2 216,322,310,373
XmascardPolice2 340,322,436,373
XmascardPolice1 465,322,559,373
XmascardFireman1 590,322,685,373

5. Run CreateHTML.exe. The main file, eg. GreetingCards.html, and all the html files for the link to the thumbnails
will be created in the folder created in step 1, above.

If you would like to try this, E-mail me at BASICally Computers for a copy to try.